Current Service Area

What is your current service area?

Our current delivery area is Toronto Canada and surrounding cities.
We will deliver to those postcodes.
The local deliver post code:
L7S; L7R; L7P; L7N; L7M; L7L; L6L; L6H; L6M; L6K; L6J; L9T; L9E; L0P; L7A; L6X; L6Y; L5N, L5M; L5L;L5K; L5J; L5H; L5C; L5B; L5W; L5R; L5V; L5G; L5A; L5E;L4Y;L4X; L4Z; L4W; L5T; L5S; L5P; L4T; L4V; L6T; L6S; L6R; L6P; L0J; L4H; L4L; L6A; L4K; L4J; L4C; L4S; L4B; L3T; L3R; L6G; L6C; L3P; L6E; L6B; L3S; M1X; M1B; M1C; M1E; M1G; M1H; M1J; M1M; M1K; M1P; M1S; M1V; M1W; M1T; M1R; M1L; M1N; M2H; M2J; M2K; M2M; M2N; M2R; M2L; M2P; M3A; M3B; M3H; M4N; M5M; M3C; M4G; M4A; M4B; M4C; M4H; M4J; M4L; M4E; M4M; M5A; M4W; M4S; M4T; M5P; M5N; M4V; M5B; M6A; M6B; M6C; M6E; M6H; M6J; M5T; M5V; M6K; M6R; M6P; M6N; M6M; M6L; M3N; M3J; M3M; M9L; M9V; M9W; M9N; M9P; M9R; M9A; M9B; M9C; M8W; M8Z; M8V; M8X; M8Y; L4E; M2D; M5G; L6Z; L6V; L6W; L7C; M3K; M3L; M9M; M4P; M4R; M5R; M4K; M4X; M4Y; M5S; M6G; M5C; M5E; M5X; M5K; M5L; M5W; N1R
Avalibale out town area post code:
N6A; N6C; L2R; L2G; N1H; N2G; N2A; N2C; N2J; N2L; N6E; N6H; N2E; N2V; L8E; N1K

What is your delivery schedule?

Monday: Markham, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Scarborough;
Tuesday: Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Etobicoke;
Wednesday: Mississauga, Brampton, Markham, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Scarborough;
Thursday:  Burlington, Oakville;
Friday: Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Etobicoke;

When is the order cut off time?

Order cut off time is 2:00 AM on the scheduled shipping day.