• How can I place my order?

    Placing an order on Jbcfoodservice.com is easy. Just add items to your cart, checkout and fill in your shipping and payment details. We give the option of adding a note if you have any specific requests. Once your order is processed, you will receive an e-receipt via email where you can check your order details/make any changes to your order.

  • How can I make change of my order?

    If you already made a purchase and you want to make changes to your order, you can contact our customer service (online chat). Our chat times run through Monday to Saturday 9:30 am to 6:00 pm. You can contact us on our off-line chat anytime after those designated times. Changes to your order will be free of charge and ONLY processed if changes are made a day before delivery.

  • How can I see my order after purchased?

    On the top header of each page, you will be able to find a button named "My Account". In the drop-down menu of it, click "Order History" (if you mistakenly clicked other buttons, you can click "back to account detail" to view your order)

    There will be an order receipt sent to your email too. Click the link in the email will also lead you in the right direction.

  • How can I deal with payment issue

    Payment issues might happen because of the banking or server. If this problem persists, click on the online chat and we will do our best to resolve the issue.

  • How can I get extra discount?

    Orders over $1000 are subjected to aquiring further discounts to support large quantities. It is highly recommended to contact JBC Food Service directly to ensure large orders are placed smoothly and accurrately in a timely manner.


  • What is your delivery schedule?

    Our delivery schedule is Monday to Friday!!!
    Monday order before 6:00 pm --- Arrive on Tuesday
    Tuesday order before 6:00 pm --- Arrive on wednsday
    wednsday order before 6:00 pm --- Arrive on Thursday
    Thursday order before 6:00 pm --- Arrive on Friday
    Friday, Saturday and Sunday's order before 6:00 pm --- Arrive on Monday
    Your order will be delivered the next day.

    In some cases, you will notified if there are any unforseen delays to your order.

    We won't be able to deliver on Statutory Holidays

  • What is your delivery area?

    Our delivery area is most GTA Ontario. We will deliver to those postcodes.

    L7S, L7R, L7P, L7N, L7M, L7L, L6L, L6H, L6M, L6K, L6J, L9T, L9E, L0P, L7A, L6X, L6Y, L5N, L5M, L5L, L5K, L5J, L5H, L5C, L5B, L5W, L5R, L5V, L5G, L5A, L5E, L4Y, L4X, L4Z, L4W, L5T, L5S, L5P, L4T, L4V, L6T, L6S, L6R, L6P, L0J, L4H, L4L, L6A, L4K, L4J, L4C, L4S, L4B, L3T, L3R, L6G, L6C, L3P, L6E, L6B, L3S, M1X, M1B, M1C, M1E, M1G, M1H, M1J, M1M, M1K, M1P, M1S, M1V, M1W, M1T, M1R, M1L, M1N, M2H, M2J, M2K, M2M, M2N, M2R, M2L, M2P, M3A, M3B, M3H, M4N, M5M, M3C, M4G, M4A, M4B, M4C, M4H, M4J, M4L, M4E, M4M, M5A, M4W, M4S, M4T, M5P, M5N, M4V, M5B, M6A, M6B, M6C, M6E, M6H, M6J, M5T, M5V, M6K, M6R, M6P, M6N, M6M, M6L, M3N, M3J, M3M, M9L, M9V, M9W, M9N, M9P, M9R, M9A, M9B, M9C, M8W, M8Z, M8V, M8X, M8Y, L4E, M2D

    We will deliver more areas in the future like Niagara Falls and so on.

    If unfortunately, you are not in our delivery area, please contact us. We will try our best for customers.

  • What is the minimum delivery fee?

    Currently we are offering free delivery on $200 + orders For orders which is less than $200, we will charge $9.99 for the delivery fee.

  • What if I want to pick up instead of delivery?

    Unfortunately, we do not provide pick up right now. If you require special accomodations, please contact us.

  • Can orders be left at the door?

    All JBC clients are liable to be present or have a representative on site upon delivery of products to sign delivery documents.


  • What is the return policy?

    Our customers are our #1 priority. If you are not satisfied with your product, you may return or exchange an item. Our policies differ according to each situation:

    1. Any problems with the products received should be notified to us immediately within 24 hours.

    2. We accept return on dry goods in their original packaging within 30 days.

    3. We accept returns on dry goods that are opened within 30 days. However, receiving full credit depends on the product’s condition.

    4. We accept returned items from closed-down restaurants, but the item(s) must be in resale condition and unexpired. Free credit is not offered for this situation. There is also a 25% restocking fee.

    5. Our exchange policy requires customers to return the product to our warehouse within 14 days. We will make arrangements so that a new product will be sent to you the next time we deliver.

  • What if you guys don’t have the product I want?

    JBC Food Services strive to provide a wide variety of products to best support your business. If there an item that we currently do not offer, please let us know via e-mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • What if frozen products arrive thawed?

    Customers can return the frozen products that damaged while on delivery. However, product must be returned to the facility.


  • Are your product photos free to use?

    All images are copyrighted by JBC Food Service. Please contact us if you need product photos.

  • Customer Accessible Feedback

    Customer who wish to provide feedback on the way Lucky Supply provides goods services or facilities to people with disabilities can provide feedback in the follwing way(s)

    1. Submitting a note through our website.
    2. Calling/ Emailing/ Text messaging/ instant messaging.

    All feedback, include complaints, will be handled in the following manner:
    1. Feedback will be directed to Human Resourses, who will distribute the feedback to the appropriate/ affected departments.

    Customers can expect to hear back in [3] days.

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